California Auto Insurance Quotes

California auto insurance laws recently changed, and liability protection is now required within the state. However, unlike many other states, in California auto insurance is not necessarily required. As an alternative to a private company, drivers may issue a cash deposit to the DMV as self-insurance. However, since the deposit amount is $35,000, choosing traditional insurance may still be the best policy for many.

# There are many options when it comes to choosing insurance in California. The best way to make sure you're getting the best possible deal is by using a comparison site like ours, which lists quotes from several different providers so you can choose what will work best for you. Although you may not have a cash deposit on hand to protect your vehicle, dealing with a local insurance provider will keep you covered.

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California's Low Cost Insurance Program

You should know, if you're moving to California or already residing in California, that auto insurance programs exist which are specifically designed to be friendly to low-income households. The low-cost auto insurance program in California is designed to prevent the increase of uninsured drivers as well as provide facilities for drivers who are unable to afford expensive insurance.
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